Find Out Different Modules Of Oracle NetSuite: Features, USPs, Benefits For Businesses

Oracle NetSuite is reshaping the way businesses are being managed and optimized, all across the world. Right now, a large number of organizations, startups, SMEs, and enterprises are running on Oracle NetSuite, a 100% Cloud-based ERP platform, which is the world's fastest-growing right now.

In this blog, we will share a brief on the 13 modules of Oracle NetSuite, that form the foundation of this Cloud ERP and enable businesses from different sectors and industries to leverage the power of ERP and Cloud.

1. Finance

With advanced features such as General Ledger management, Account Receivables, and Accounts Payable, Oracle NetSuite’s one of the most powerful and popular modules is Finance & Accounting. Not only can organizations automate the entire financial process but also comply with complex legal compliances and rules.

2. Procurement

Procurement or Purchasing module is very beneficial for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers since it empowers them to streamline the entire procurement process in a systematic manner. With stellar features such as tracking orders, automating requests for quotes and more, the procurement module is a real gamechanger.

3. Manufacturing

Manufacturing module is one of the oldest, and widely used modules from NetSuite, specifically conceptualized and designed for manufacturers. Planning production, inventory, raw materials, shipping, logistics and the entire manufacturing process becomes a cakewalk with the NetSuite for Manufacturing module.

4. Inventory Management

Inventory Management empowers retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to manage the complete end-to-end inventory management processes in real-time, and track every unit’s quantity, and its live position down to SKU level. 

5. Order Management

Right from receipt to delivery, the Order Management module of Oracle NetSuite enables organizations, vendors and customers to track every order, and helps them to avoid missing orders and ensure timely delivery.

6. Warehouse Management

Warehouses and organizations that own and manage warehouses can boost their productivity with the Warehouse Management module. With advanced features such as supporting batch picking, wave picking and zone picking, the warehouse management module gives perfect ROI for warehouse owners. 

7. Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management module is a revolution in ERP, since it enables businesses to manage every aspect of supply chain in real time, and seamlessly integrates with procurement, warehouse, order management and manufacturing modules. 

8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales and marketing executives can now trigger more sales and more revenues, by utilizing CRM modules that offer impeccable data and insights about customers, in real-time. With advanced features such as customer segmentation and contact management, you can understand and decode your customers in a never seen before manner.

9. Professional Services Automation (Service Resource Management)

For service-based organizations, Professional Services Automation, also known as Service Resource Management, is a powerful module that provides them with an unbeatable competitive edge. Services firms can manage projects, human resources and capital resources, all in one platform. 

10. Workforce Management

For organizations with more hourly employees than salaries, workforce management module is a big productivity module that helps complete management of the workforce via one single platform. Organizations can manage the hourly employees’ productivity, hours of service, leaves and more using this HR-based module.

11. Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management is a complete end-to-end module for managing and optimizing every aspect related with human resources. Critical HR tasks such as salaries, leaves, performance reviews, track records etc can be seamlessly managed with this module.

12. Ecommerce

With the ecommerce module, organizations can quickly launch B2B or B2C based ecommerce portals for selling products or services online. Ecommerce module from Oracle NetSuite offers some of the most advanced features such as adding new items, updating existing listings, altering design, user experience and more.

13. Marketing Automation

Businesses now have the capability to automate the entire marketing process with one single module: Marketing Automation from Oracle NetSuite. One single, robust module can now empower businesses to manage the complete end to end marketing campaigns across SMSes, emails, social media and websites, thereby providing more punch and more power.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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