Find Out How NetSuite Project Management Software Improves Productivity

NetSuite Project Management

When it comes to Project Management, the three biggest constraints are:


-Project Scope


And if we delve deeper, we will realize almost all issues pertaining to project management arise from these three factors. 


As per a Harvard Business Review report, 16% of all projects spend 200% more than the estimated amount, and almost 70% of all major IT projects face unexpected delays. 


For empowering Project Managers and Management to handle projects in an optimized manner, and to ensure timely delivery of projects without spilling over the budget, and compromising on the project scope, Oracle NetSuite has introduced the Oracle NetSuite Project Management module, a powerful Cloud-based software loaded with features and capabilities. 


Here are the reasons how & why Oracle NetSuite Project Management module improves productivity for organizations:


Full Control Over Project Scope & Project Accounting


With the Oracle NetSuite Project Management module, Project Managers and the Management get access to a powerful Project Dashboard, which gives a 360-degree view of the entire project, and all entities associated with the project work. 


Project managers can get the pulse of the project (multiple projects as well) by setting Key Project Indicators, and with a single glance, can understand which projects are on-time, resources allocated, resources available and expected delivery time, and more. 


As new information is fed to the system, the dashboard gets automatically updated, and all critical information is showcased in real-time. 

NetSuite Project Management

Project Budget Under Control


Oracle NetSuite Project Management module offers a Project P&L tab, which helps the project manager and the management to track and monitor all costs associated with the project, and enables them to keep a tight leash on the budget and costing. This way, the cost of the project is kept under control, ensuring higher RoI.


Besides, all stakeholders related to the project can directly upload timesheets, expense reports, etc  and provide the system with real-time information about the expenses, which further assists in 360-degree tracking and monitoring of project expenses. 


Another unique feature provided by Oracle NetSuite Project Management is Project Billing, which helps the organization to ensure swift RoI. With this feature, companies can bill the projects based on the completion date, achieving mutually-agreed milestones, and/or based on the scheduled dates. Billing forecast is another stellar feature, which gives a complete and accurate picture of the overall project RoI.


Timely Delivery With Turbocharged Productivity


The project Management module by Oracle NetSuite offers a slew of laser-targeted features for ensuring turbocharged productivity of all employees/contractors, and this ensures timely delivery of the project.


With highly advanced Project Tracking Reports, the Project Manager is able to track employee utilization rates on a per-employee basis, along with a per-team basis, for optimal monitoring of productivity levels. These reports can also have comparison data based on different time intervals to find out how productive an employee or team is.


Project Milestone is yet another powerful feature, which enables the project managers to monitor the lifecycle of the project, and finds out the loopholes which are obstructing its timely completion.


Ask Inspirria how we can help your organization to complete all projects on time, on budget, and fulfill the project scope by deploying the Oracle NetSuite Project Management module.

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Monday, September 19, 2022

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