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Today, organizations are increasingly facing the challenge of selecting a best-suited business system to meet the business requirements as the operations continue to expand. Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteApps is an application that helps organizations to customize, manage and take control of their operations, as per their business requirement. Our range of Oracle NetSuite SuiteApps can help in streamlining and enhancing your existing cloud systems; hosted within the same servers and same database. Members of the SuiteCloud Developer Network, Oracle NetSuite’s third-party developer program, develop SuiteApps.

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Inspirria Indian Taxation

The Goods & Services Tax (GST) implementation is aimed at improving the competitiveness and performance of the Indian economy. The tax regime in India is transitioning to GST from the current complex Central and State indirect taxes.
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Leave Management System

Leave management is one of the most critical yet time consuming HR process, which is important for effective workforce management and ensuring that optimal level of productivity is achieved. Ensuring compliance with leave policy and availability of required bandwidth
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In today’ competitive world, product differentiation is now no longer the key to success. With availability of multiple substitutes and after sales support, customers are increasingly opting for brands with exceptional customer service.
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An optimal payroll management process is one of the key levers for every business, large or small. As organizations grow and require a diverse talent pool, the salary payouts start to become increasingly varied, complex and at times may have multiple clauses.
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Precision and timing are the two most crucial factors for running a successful Rental business, but that's not an easy task to accomplish. Maintaining rental contracts, ensuring timely collection of rentals...


ClinicEdge takes care of all the specific needs and requirements for the smooth functioning of clinics. This fully-automated, Cloud-based module has the power to completely revolutionize your clinic administration, and improve efficiency on Oracle NetSuite platform. It will enhance your process and productivity by efficiently managing patient Appointments, Bills, Vendor Payments and tracking Patient history /Data to provide a 360 degree view of the life cycle of a patient.