Benefits of Oracle NetSuite for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Due to the dynamic nature of its business, the Pharmaceutical industry needs a stable, feature-rich Cloud ERP for aiming operational efficiency at all levels

By using Oracle NetSuite, which is the world's most popular Cloud ERP, pharmaceutical companies can leverage the power of Cloud, and ensure more productivity, more revenues, and less errors, which translates to a successful business operation

Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Need Oracle NetSuite ERP?

Here are some of the reasons why Oracle NetSuite is the best Cloud ERP for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers:

Flexibility to Adapt Market Changes

Oracle NetSuite provides live data and statistics related to the market, which empowers pharmaceutical companies to react and adapt to changing market conditions in real-time. Using customized dashboards and high-end analytics, pharmaceutical firms can stay one-step ahead of their competitors.

Streamlined manufacturing

When you are aware of the demand and market trends, then manufacturing becomes streamlined and more productive. Using cutting edge features like predictive analysis, and forecasting, pharmaceutical companies can control and monitor their manufacturing for optimized results.

Optimized Stock Management With Focus On Expiry Dates

Managing stock and inventory becomes more organized and laser-focused with Oracle NetSuite. For one of our pharmaceutical clients, we at Inspirria, provided a customized feature for managing expiry dates of medicines. We designed an inventory system with FEFO (First Expire First Out) methodology, which helped them to manage expired medicines optimally.

To know more on the solutions we offered, please refer to our case study on Oracle NetSuite for Pharma Industry

Besides, Pharmaceutical companies can deploy unique codes for every unit of their inventory. This means that every medicine being manufactured is accounted for, and there is no error with respect to shipment and logistics.

Supply Chain Management in Pharma Industry

Using Oracle NetSuite, Pharmaceutical companies can have a 360-degree view of the entire supply chain - right from CRM and inventory to retain channels and distribution, you can have more control, more visibility and more transparency to optimize your supply chain.

With Oracle NetSuite, Pharmaceutical companies can be aware of the exact location of their inventory, know in advance how much to manufacture, segregate and track medicines with expiry dates, and optimally manage their business with more productivity.

No wonder more than 25,000 companies are right now using NetSuite for their business needs.

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Monday, August 24, 2020

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