Oracle OpenWorld Middle East

Oracle Open World is one of the most prestigious, and dynamic conventions organized by Oracle, all over the world.

Payroll management is a complex and long drawn task that needs to be handled month on month by organizations. Salary payouts, whether in mid or large size companies, are equally varied, and with multiple clauses.

Leave Management System

In a people centered organization, HR policies and guidelines are most critical as they form an integral part of the people engagement process.

NetSuite’s Project Costing solution provides visibility into project costs and cost management efficiency, enabling greater accuracy and accountability.

NetSuite for the Sales Manager aids driving competitiveness, revenue and growth. The Sales Manager can forecast, plan and budget in a structured and strategic manner and additionally set sales targets for the team. In other words, NetSuite can help convert strategy into action.

Business has gone global with a surge of multi-national companies working in different time zones and in virtual teams while transcending geographical boundaries.

A leader in cloud professional services automation, NetSuite OpenAir can enhance efficiency and profitability without radical increase in IT costs.

NetSuite Point of Sales

The NetSuite PoS solution is a strong, cloud-based platform that beings together commerce tools. Apart from integrating with back-end inventory management, CRM, and accounting systems, NetSuite POS helps sales teams with mobile-friendly devices that talk directly to inventory and customer data.

NetSuite 2018.2 Release Notes - Banking

NetSuite has recently announced release of 2018.2 NetSuite aiming to improve its solution by adding new functionalities. And it includes the following enhancements to banking:

Automation Through Workflows in NetSuite

Organizations find it beneficial to have workflow and business process automation. When organizations have standardized approaches and methodology they tend to have higher customer satisfaction scores.

NetSuite Release 2018.2 – Inventory Management

NetSuite Advanced Inventory suite helps optimize stock levels and keep costs down while reacting to demand at the same time. For visibility into inventory, NetSuite helps track serial numbers or lot numbers associated with specific items or groups.