NetSuite for Media Companies

Media is a fast-paced, diversified business which has several different aspects associated with it.

NetSuite for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations have different goals and benchmarks, compared with for-profit organizations - Although profit is not the main objective, the operations and financial management need a proper platform and system none the less.

NetSuite Release 2019.1 has focused extensively on the retail business, and have introduced some stellar features to help retailers harness the power of data, and trends in a better way.

Benefits of NetSuite Point of Sales

POS in the earlier days was a mere printed receipt of cash paid against items purchased. From there, POS has now evolved to an advanced electronic system comprising hardware and software.

Payroll management is a complex and long drawn task that needs to be handled month on month by organizations. Salary payouts, whether in mid or large size companies, are equally varied, and with multiple clauses.

Leave Management System

In a people centered organization, HR policies and guidelines are most critical as they form an integral part of the people engagement process.

NetSuite’s Project Costing solution provides visibility into project costs and cost management efficiency, enabling greater accuracy and accountability.

NetSuite for the Sales Manager aids driving competitiveness, revenue and growth. The Sales Manager can forecast, plan and budget in a structured and strategic manner and additionally set sales targets for the team. In other words, NetSuite can help convert strategy into action.

Business has gone global with a surge of multi-national companies working in different time zones and in virtual teams while transcending geographical boundaries.