Oracle NetSuite for Healthcare Organizations

Oracle NetSuite for Healthcare Organizations

Hospitals and Clinics have an important role to play in providing healthcare to the community and society in large. They are more accessible, provide basic to advanced treatment to patients, and have a long-lasting relationship with the community members.

However, most of the healthcare organisations are still running in an orthodox way, with very less usage of technology, especially Cloud computing.

By using manual registration of patients, and the traditional way of data entry and data storage, healthcare organisations are not able to optimally use the information for patient’s betterment, and their own growth.

Oracle NetSuite, which is World’s fastest-growing Cloud-based ERP platform has analyzed and understood this problem faced by healthcare, and have created a robust solution which empowers them to leverage technology and Cloud Computing for not only streamlining their operations, but also optimize them and improve them.

Find out how Healthcare Organizations can take advantage of Oracle NetSuite for more productivity and more revenues.

Automate Patient Registration, Appointment Process

No longer hospitals and clinics need to manually register new patients, and book appointments in a notebook, which can get lost. With Oracle NetSuite’s Healthcare Management System, every new patient registration and patient booking is stored automatically in the Cloud, and real time data can be accessed by every authorized person via mobile, tablet or laptop, from anywhere.

If you are working in a setup with multiple doctors than with Oracle NetSuite Cloud Software, all the data related to the patient is saved in a database, giving its access to other doctors working along with you/in the same establishment. This means that there can be no lapse in the treatment for a patient, simply due to unavailability of one doctor.

This means that no appointment/treatment is ever missed, and every record of the new patient is permanently stored.  

Tech-Enabled Customer Service

Once a patient is discharged, then all the records, medical prescriptions, medical records etc are stored centrally in the Cloud with Oracle NetSuite. If a patient needs any help regarding their post-discharge documentation/summary report, then assistance can be instantly provided. With manual records and data entry, this task of post-discharge and customer service becomes time-consuming and very complex.

Embed Medical Assessment In Sales & Billing Process

One of the biggest issues which comes while preparing bills and invoices for the patient is embedding and including all the medical expenses which have been incurred. With Oracle NetSuite, this entire process becomes automated, and highly streamlined.

All the medical assessments (Consulting, Medicines, Home Therapy, Hospitalization charges etc) can be embedded into the Sales and Billing process, which means that the healthcare organisations are not losing any revenues, and saving time.

Patient’s Financial, Transactional Visibility Becomes Crystal Clear

Without Oracle NetSuite, calculating the patient’s financial and transactional visibility becomes a huge time-taking task. But once Oracle NetSuite is deployed in your hospital/Clinic, then this becomes a cake-walk.

With one single glance, the management can find out the entire transactional visibility of the patient, and generate instant reports, and find out which patient has spent for which treatment/services, how much revenue has been generated from each patient without any hassle.

Calculating ROI, and tracking, monitoring every patient’s financial records is one of the biggest advantages of deploying Oracle NetSuite.

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Advanced Marketing & Awareness Campaign

Oracle NetSuite enables healthcare organisations to carry on marketing and awareness campaigns easily, and seamlessly, without spending much time. Sending out reminders to the new and existing patients for checkups, reports can be fully automated, which not only helps the patients but also creates a better brand image.

New promotional activities and marketing campaigns can be created right within Oracle NetSuite platform.

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