SuiteCloud Platform Becomes More Flexible, Agile With NetSuite 2019.1 (Major Highlights)

NetSuite Release Notes 2019.1 SuiteCloud Platform

NetSuite’s one of the biggest USPs is flexibility and agility, the scale of which no other business management suite provides.


And the catalyst which enables this intense flexibility to mold NetSuite the way you want is its robust SuiteCloud platform.


Customers and software developers can use SuiteCloud platform’s offering of Cloud development tools, applications and infrastructure to create their own version of NetSuite, which is tailor-made for their own business.


With NetSuite 2019.1 release, SuiteCloud platform has now been empowered with some exciting new features and capabilities, which makes customizing NetSuite easier, and seamless.


Here are the major highlights:


Digital Signing APIs


In several International business ecosystems, a digital signature is required for some documents, and this can pose a problem if you don’t have the capability with your ERP. But with NetSuite, this problem is solved.


NetSuite 2019.1 release has empowered SuiteCloud with digital signing APIs, which can be used to sign XML files with digital signatures along with the ability to establish SSL context authentication using digital certificates.


Enhanced Security Of The System


No one can deny that cybersecurity is the most important factor today, when it comes to any form of digital platform. NetSuite 2019.1 release has taken up the issue of security seriously, and now SuiteCloud platform supports mutual authentication, via 2-way HTTPS authentication protocol.


Earlier, only one party could have done the authentication via remote server, but now, both client and the server can mutually authenticate each other, and this fills a massive void in implementing security across the system.


This new update also complies with Govt. directives regarding tax-related communications between two parties.


New Copy To Account Capability


Often businesses need to transfer data from one NetSuite to other NetSuite accounts, and this posed a big problem. But not anymore.


NetSuite 2019.1 release has included a new copy to account capability for administrators, using which the admins can copy custom objects from one NetSuite account directly to the other NetSuite account.


SuiteCloud Development Framework Extended


SuiteCloud Development Framework or SDF has been enhanced and extended to include more capabilities. Now, with the new NetSuite 2019.1 release, SDF consists of more objects, which makes creating a custom content type, role restrictions, and file and folder locking possible. Object for a new standard development role has been created, which assigns developers with new roles and new capabilities never seen before.


This makes NetSuite even more flexible, and customizable for businesses, as now they can mold and change the objects as they want.


Support For Installation Scripts


The new SuiteCloud Development Framework or SDF has now been empowered with support for installation scripts, which are specialized server-side SuiteScript 2.0 scripts.


Installation scripts allow the developers to automatically setup, configure, and run specialized data management tasks, right at the time of installation. The biggest advantage of installation scripts is that now developers can automatically initialize NetSuite right from the SDF directly, without any manual intervention.  

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