NetSuite 2019.1 Release Changes The Dynamics Of Media, Advertising & Publishing Companies

NetSuite Release 2019.1 for Media and advertising

Media is a dynamic, and ever changing business, where timing is the essence of success and growth. If you are late, then you are literally out of the business.


Understanding the specific and niche requirements of the media sector, Cloud-based ERP solutions provider NetSuite has developed a robust module, which enables the publishers and content to focus on their core business, and skillfully handles everything else.


Using one single media lifecycle management platform, NetSuite’s framework for media, advertising, and publication handles two most important entities of this business: Advertisers, and subscribers, flawlessly.


Now, NetSuite 2019.1 has been released, which adds more firepower to the existing capabilities, and makes the owners of media and publication business even more powerful, and more dynamic.


Here are the top 5 updates in NetSuite 2019.1 for media, advertising, and publication verticals:


Stunning New User Interface


Media is all about visuals, and when media companies are doing everything possible to present information/news in a better way, then why should their ERP fall behind?


The new NetSuite 2019.1 vastly improvises on the UI aspect, as the user is now greeted with clean, modern design, easy to read KPI meter, ability to create multi-series trend graphs and more. Now the headline KPIs showcase mini-trend graphs, which takes visualization of data to another level.


Optimized, Seamless Project Management


Media and publishing is all about juggling several projects at the same time, and delivering them before the deadline. This is the reason that NetSuite 2019.1 has optimized project management capabilities for the users.


Right from the first step of creating projects to managing the budget, and sending categorized billing to sellers/vendors and suppliers - everything is possible with NetSuite.


HR Management Becomes Impactful


Media industry is one of the most mobile and flexible industries, with human resources spread across both local and global locations. Any ERP managing a media firm should be able to track, monitor and nurture their human resources in the most optimized manner.


NetSuite 2019.1 does exactly that: Depending on the project requirements, the manager can now quickly handle a team or an individual and allocate the most appropriate resources at the right time. Bulk task assignments can be made to a group, and specific instructions can be relayed without wasting any time.


Subscription Billing Management Revolutionized


Often media and publishing firms have thousands of subscribers, and it becomes a hard task managing them. Tasks like subscription billing may consume the entire day, and core tasks are ignored.


NetSuite 2019.1 takes care of subscription billing and makes your team members more productive, and more efficient. SuiteBilling’s time-based pricing feature has now been extended to subscription record, and this changes everything. Adding, deleting, editing charges becomes faster, with Bulk Operations capability.


Tax Engine Is Now More Powerful


NetSuite SuitTax engine becomes more powerful with NetSuite 2019.1, especially for media companies. Since globalization is the key to survival, today’s media companies are located in one location but have to deal with taxation systems of multiple countries, at the same time.


SuiteTax is now capable of providing a scalable, and flexible tax determination system, which has several interesting features such as automatic creation of tax records, automatically calculating taxes for different countries, localized VAT/GST tax reports and more.


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