NetSuite for Transportation & Logistics Ensure Cloud-Powered, Data-Driven Delivery Of Products

NetSuite for Transportation & Logistics

Cloud technology is considered as the most disruptive technological innovation of the last two decades, and its impact can be seen across several industries. Using Cloud, business operations are now more streamlined, ROI generated is more, and access to information is on fingertips.

However, one sector which has failed to grasp the power of Cloud technology is transportation and logistics. Businesses are still engaged with the traditional model of transportation and logistics, with manual data entries, broken chain of surveillance and monitoring, and non-scalable, standalone software that has no clue about the overall health of the business.

Understanding these challenges, NetSuite has developed special and unique features under the transportation and logistics module, which businesses can take advantage of, and take their logistics operations to the next level.

Real-Time Financial Control

NetSuite employs the best practices and protocols under Cloud technology for transporters, and this is a game-changer. Now, the firms can accept instant electronic payments which get reflected in the central database instantly; track, manage and report the book value of the company’s assets; configure and monitor business processes and more.

Such a high level of financial control for transporters translates to smart, intelligent business decisions based on hardcore data and information.

Advanced Supply Chain Management

Using Cloud technologies, NetSuite provides an advanced, next-level supply chain capabilities for transportation and logistics companies, which gives them a competitive edge over others. Using a tablet or mobile, the supervisor can now have an instant global view of the entire supply chain and find out which product is at which location, at any particular instant.

For multi-location planning, transporters can use Full Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) capabilities and more.

Real-Time Reporting & Business Intelligence

One of the biggest advantages of using NetSuite’s Transportation and Logistics module is real-time reporting and business intelligence features.

A shipment is meeting all the compliance requirements or not, can be found out in real-time, which enables the transporters to make the necessary changes then and there, rather than wait for it for days.

Customized and specific dashboards can be created, which can provide real-time and instant updates for the management, supervisors, and associates related to any delivery, anywhere in the world. Statistics and data can be segregated based on department, location, funder/donor.

This translates to better control over the operations, more insights, more business intelligence, and more productivity.

Robust, Scalable and Safe Platform

Due to the amazing features of Cloud, NetSuite’s Transportation and Logistics module can be scaled as and when required, based on the requirements. This can prove extremely beneficial during those times when there is a sudden surge in demand, and the transporters are required to scale up operations.

Besides, the users of this module get complete assurity of the data safety, and protection, backed by Oracle NetSuite. This means your data and information are always safe and it can never get lost.

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