NetSuite Empowers Media Companies With Unified Cloud Solution

NetSuite for Media Companies

Media is a fast-paced, diversified business which has several different aspects associated with it. The biggest problem which media companies face while managing their business is multi-platform activities, spread across different software and tools.

There will be spreadsheets for handling some clients who are located in a country where your local applications won’t work, and then there will be different software and applications for different business processes: one for marking attendance, while another one for calculating page-views and subscription count.

Infact, there are instances where different software for invoices are being used, for different domains and clients.

This unnecessary diversification sucks away energy and bandwidth of the media companies, and they are spread too thin.

NetSuite has understood and acknowledged these problems, which are specific to the media industry and have created a robust module which removes these boundaries, once for all.

The biggest advantage which media companies can get from NetSuite is a unified Cloud-based business solution, which encompasses every aspect of their business.

NetSuite For Media: One Solution For Every Need

There are very few ERP and CRM providers who can understand media business as NetSuite does. NetSuite for media can successfully, and seamlessly combine sales with back office financial, accounting and order management process.

It can smoothly manage both the aspects of sales, which are very specific for media companies: handling insertion orders for advertisers, and subscriptions to your readership.

Not only that, but it can track fulfillment and insertion of the advertisements, and then generate invoices as per customized billing schedules.

Besides, it can also seamlessly integrate major media platforms like DoubleClick, OpenAds into the existing system, without taking a break.

What NetSuite Understands About Media Which Others Don’t

In a typical media company, there are always two aspects: Advertisers, and Subscribers.

NetSuite has deeply understood this distinction and accordingly developed the system to accommodate both the angles into one unified Cloud-based solution.

The management can view the real-time status of the advertising sales, know exactly how the advertisers are spending and expanding. The insertion orders can be tracked and managed in run-time, thereby having more control over the operations. Invoices can be generated automatically, as per the designated billing schedule as well, thereby saving you time and bandwidth.

At the same time, the platform provides a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, wherein the management can track each and every subscriber, and view all the related information via one single dashboard: their payment histories, their susbcriber history, what they like, what they dislike and more.

An advanced renewal tracking mechanism also exists, which enables automated reminders for renewals, and helps the business to grow and expand.

And that’s just a glimpse of what NetSuite for Media companies can actually do.

Inspirria Cloudtech can help your media company to seamlessly integrate NetSuite into your operations, and take control over every aspect of the business, on the Cloud.

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