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Salesforce Summer 18 release is just round the corner. Updates such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enhancements are geared up to enhance customer data privacy while boosting regulatory compliance. In addition, enhanced dashboard views will provide new levels of data insights, helping organizations make faster decisions and rapidly move forward. For the Summer ’18 Release, the Preview Instances will be upgraded to Summer ’18 on May 4 and May 5, 2018 and Non-Preview Instances will be upgraded to Summer ’18 on June 8 and June 9, 2018

Here are the top 6 updates on Salesforce Summer 18 Release :

#1 Encourage users to adopt Lightning:

The Summer 2018 release enables Admin to force users to adopt Salesforce Lightning over Classic - without the ability to switch to Classic - for a limited time per week. In addition, to the ability to persuade users to move to Lightning, Salesforce has included some tips on why Lightning is a better option. These tips appear when users access specific features in Classic that have been enhanced in Lightning.

#2 Leverage Lightning usage app to track adoption rates:

A new addition in the 2018 release will help companies get insights into user activities in Lighting. Leveraging reports and dashboards, the app helps monitor how users are interacting with Lightning, and view adoption data with key metrics such as daily and monthly active users. The result: ability to drive targeted enablement training and manage phased rollout to different users and teams.

#3 Enable data protection and privacy enhancements:

The European Union will begin enforcing GDPR by the end of May 2018. It impacts global companies in the way they store and use customer data. If your existing customers no longer wish their personal data to be recognized businesses, the enhancement to standard object ‘Individual’ helps you honor and respect customer wishes regarding privacy. How does it do this? The latest update enables this by determining which data privacy record to retain when merging records. This can be achieved by going in settings and selecting the option “Retain the most recently modified data privacy record.”

#4 Personalize navigation bar and customize theme in Lighting:

With the latest release, companies can personalize crucial aspects of Lightning such as the navigation bar by clicking the pencil icon on the right side of Lightning app. It allows users to reorder items, or even remove or rename them. In addition, to stay WCAG 2.0 compliant, Salesforce has added a handy image cropping tool and custom color overrides option, enabling companies to maximize their logo and make it stand out in the app.

#5 Easy object search from anywhere :

The 2018 update makes it easy for organizations to customize search results by filtering their search from a drop down list and expediting the search results based on specific object search. This helps cut the clutter and see results only for the searched object, from anywhere in the app.

#6 Use individual object to support standard object features:

‘Individual’ object currently has limited functionality with no provision to add buttons, actions, record types, or enable interaction with automation tools. With the new Salesforce 2018 update, companies will be able to make customer data unusable by Salesforce. If a customer requests that their data be wiped clean from Salesforce, organizations will be able to scramble and anonymize customer data using the Apex method.

Updating Sales force 2018 features is critical to not only ensuring compliance but also staying competitive and capitalizing on new market opportunities. The 2018 summer release will enable companies to tailor applications and business processes to enhance productivity, and create a modern and intelligent user experience. A proven Salesforce partner can further deepen value by helping businesses comprehensively assess the new functionalities and update Salesforce to improve business outcomes.

Inspirria is a Salesforce partner. We leverage cutting-edge expertise and more than 14 years of experience in cloud technologies to help companies make the most of Salesforce by helping them personalize customer experience and enhance data privacy.

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