NetSuite Production Scheduling: Ensure Timely Delivery Of Products At Optimal Cost

NetSuite Production Scheduling

Since the early days, manufacturing companies have been striving hard to solve a problem, which defines their operational efficiency: How to schedule production?

If the scheduling of the production is not optimized, then it can disrupt the assembly line, increase inventory overheads, reduce margins, and overall, the entire business suffers.

The problem with production scheduling is that, there are so many variables to consider that it becomes humanly very difficult to optimize it, and make it perfect.

With years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Oracle NetSuite understands the nuances of production, and is aware of the factors which can influence its scheduling. They have implemented cutting-edge features and techniques, which makes production scheduling a seamless exercise, and optimized to the brink.

NetSuite ensures that by way of optimized production scheduling, manufacturing firms can now ensure timely delivery of products, at optimal cost.

This is how it’s done..

Gantt Chart View Of Production

For a holistic, and realistic overview of production, supervisors and shift managers can access an advanced Gnatt Chart view of production, with the feature of drag and drop functionality for making last minute changes.

Real-Time Scheduling Engine

This is one big USP of NetSuite, which ensures optimized production scheduling. Using real time status of work orders, the system will automatically schedule them and set the process in motion. Conditions such as reaching a particular status can be set, for even more streamlined, and automated production scheduling.

Advanced Manufacturing Workbench

Manufacturing workbench is an advanced feature, wherein every aspect of production scheduling can be monitored, and optimized. Standards can be run and setup, lag and hold time can be set, batch can be configured, precise asset and labor requirements can be punched in, detailed work instructions can be given and more.

Seamless Batch Scheduling

This feature from Oracle NetSuite is a big boost for those manufacturing processes, which run production in batches. Food and beverage manufacturing can make the best use of this by defining precise batch parameters, and optimizing production.

Shop Calendar Definition

To know when a work center is available, for configuring exceptions (like lunch, tea breaks etc), Shop Calendar can be defined (mainly under finite scheduling). This helps in scheduling individual assets such as machines, for optimized production scheduling.

Real-Time Updates From Production

Most of the ERPs skip this crucial information: Real-time updates from production, which has a greater role to play in the production schedule. Oracle NetSuite has deployed real-time production updates so that the management/shift supervisors and production managers can make an informed decision about the entire schedule.

Based on the real-time updates of production, it can be determined when and how much new production can be scheduled and stopped.

This is just a glimpse of what Oracle NetSuite can do, for streamlining production schedule and optimizing it. If you wish to know more about impeccable production schedule features of NetSuite, then consult with Inspirria and take your manufacturing to the next level.

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