Deploy Omnichannel Business Solution With NetSuite Tools for Fashion Retailers

NetSuite Tools for Fashion Retailers

One of the biggest problems which fashion retailers and sellers face is: Change. Such is the dynamics of the fashion industry, that the rules and protocols are changing faster than you imagined.


Previous decade’s fashion behemoths and iconic brands are crumbling away, as thousands of stores are closing down. At the same time, smaller, leaner, and more niche fashion labels are coming up, which have a secret ingredient of success, which most of the traditional brands are lacking.


And that secret ingredient is an omnichannel presence and the magic of knowing what their customers actually want.


World’s fastest-growing 100% Cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions provider Oracle NetSuite has spent years and decades understanding the secret of success when it comes to fashion retailing. And using this data and intelligence, they have incorporated NetSuite for Fashion retailers module, which solves most of the problems which traditional and older fashion retailers are facing.


Some of the youngest, fastest-growing and dynamic fashion retailers have harnessed the power and flexibility of NetSuite, and now it is high time that you too experience it.


Oracle NetSuite Solves The Biggest Problem For Fashion Retailers


As per a study by Innovative Retail Technologies, 86% of mid-level fashion retailers admitted that successfully executing an omnichannel presence for the brand was their biggest drawback. Their supply chain isn’t optimized to support an omnichannel business model, and their overall business is suffering.


And fashion retailers cannot afford to lose this edge.


Today, the consumers are present across every medium: Be it physical store or online portal; mobile app or tele-calling platform, orders are pouring in from every direction.


In such a scenario, it becomes imperative that the business does have an omnichannel presence, aided by a robust supply chain and delivery mechanism.


Oracle NetSuite has the answer to that.


Using one centralized system, fashion retailers can now track, monitor and optimize businesses across every medium, deliver a truly omnichannel experience for their customers.


Right from handling customer queries via email to ensuring that the online orders are shipped in time, from storing tele-calling customer data to inventory management and order fulfillment, Oracle NetSuite for Fashion Retailers handles every aspect of omnichannel retailing and gives a peace of mind to the fashion entrepreneur.


One Unified Cloud Platform For Fashion Retailers


Along with omnichannel comes the power of one, single unified Cloud-based platform for fashion retailers, to manage complete end-to-end business process.


With advanced inventory & order management, retailers can be aware of the exact position of the inventory, and accordingly, take intelligence business decisions so that no order gets unfulfilled.


Oracle NetSuite also provides a robust in-store point of sale modules, for accurate data entry, and optimized customer service tools. With this, you can never lose a customer, and always keep them satisfied with top-notch service.


Fashion retailers can utilize creative, and advanced ecommerce features for selling their merchandise online, and implementing the omnichannel retailing model.


With Bronto, fashion retailers can execute intelligent, and flexible email marketing for keeping all your customers in loop about latest offerings, and products.


With a powerful supply chain management, fashion retailers can ensure that every one of their orders are shipped. Besides, the orders can be tracked in real-time, as they are being shipped, and customers can be updated in real-time as well.


Besides, a robust financial management module also exists, which takes care of the tax issues, tax reporting, audits and reports and more.


And lastly, the powerful customer relationship management or CRM module handles everything about your loyal customers and understands their preferences, and interests. These data can collaborate, and forecasting can be done to understand what your clients demand, and how soon can you deliver them.


All these features and tools are available for the fashion retailers, with NetSuite for Fashion module, which makes the handling business operations more seamless, more flexible, and more productive.


NetSuite For Fashion Retailers: Unique Features:


-Save The Sale: Quickly find out which products are out of stock in your inventory, and then find that product from nearby stores, and fulfill the orders.


-Reduce Out Of Stock products: With advanced inventory management, fashion retailers can quickly bring in out-of-stock products, based on the demand and sales forecasting


-Omnichannel Service: With this feature, customers can order, pick and return products from any store, any medium, thereby translating into a real omnichannel service.


-Auto-Charge Feature: For regular customers, fashion retailers can implement the auto-charge option for credit cards, which reduces checking out time, and improves customer experience


-Communication Automated: Businesses can automate communications with the customers seamlessly, for instance, automated emails for giving out shipment details and more.


-Boost Online Sales: Ecommerce features within the fashion module enhances online sales. For example, using size charts, online shoppers can quickly determine their exact size, and complete the order. You can also find attractive, conversion-friendly templates, Instagram hashtag tools and more.


-Fulfill Orders Faster: Oracle NetSuite’s order fulfillment process is fast, and seamless: Based on the preferences such as warehouse location, shipping price and more, the fulfillment can be automated, and processed faster, thereby giving your retail business a solid edge compared to your competitors.


-Save Money, Focus On Core Business Operations: With reduced overheads such as inventory, communication, tax reporting and more, fashion retailers can now save more money, and more importantly, channelize their energy towards core business operations


-Intelligent Business Decisions: With a 360-degree view of the business, and complete control over inventory, supply chain, fulfillment, customer relationship, sale and forecasting and more, you can now make informed and intelligent business decisions, which will help you to grow faster.


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