Manage Entire Services Life cycle Using NetSuite Services Resource Planning

Within the dynamics and the pace of service, industry lies its inherent problem: Lifecycle management, and resource optimization. With deadlines whooshing past, and new assignments coming up, the management finds it hard to maintain the momentum and ensuring that quality is maintained.

More often than not, resources are not optimally utilized, leaving a giant hole in their overall ROI and productivity.

NetSuite, using their immense experience and expertise of managing thousands of global businesses, has understood this problem, and have come up with a robust module, dedicated to the ever-changing services industry.

NetSuite Services Resource Planning or SRP has the potential to power-boost productivity of services centric organization, and ensure higher ROI and optimal resource optimization.

Manage Entire Services Lifecycle With NetSuite

NetSuite SRP has the distinct advantage of streamlining and optimizing entire project lifecycle, thereby ensuring faster completion of projects, better resource utilization and more accurate, and timely invoices.

Not only the management can reduce accounts receivable cycle, but also eliminate revenue leakage, and plug the gaps which stop consistent revenue stream.

Using this advanced module, which has been created for the services industry, the management can have a 360-degree view of the entire business and have full control over the operations and deliverables.

For instance, using customized dashboards of NetSuite SRP, the management can instantly be aware about which projects are nearing completion, which resources will be free and when have been the invoices sent.

Accessing this information in real-time gives unprecedented control and visibility over each and every component of the business, and this translates to higher productivity, consistently.

Bench time is reduced, projects are delivered on time, resources are managed optimally, and revenues automatically increases.

Critical Features Which NetSuite SRP Provides

NetSuite SRP provides a comprehensive Professional Services Automation solution, which takes care of entire lifecycle of projects.

Some of the critical features, which are available within the Professional Services Automation solution:

-Advanced resource management and forecasting, which gives complete visibility over the project requirements, in real time.

-Reports related with project costing, budgeting and profitability in real time, which enables the management to find the real cost of doing business

-Advanced project accounting, which takes into consideration every aspect related to the expenses incurred for executing the project

-Powerful and flexible billing rules engine to accommodate every type of client billing

-Collaborative project management tools and software, for quick resolution of issues within deadlines. Also helps in tracking the progress of the project and communicating with the team members as and when required

-Timesheet management becomes streamlined, and more organized. The management can directly integrate it with project management and billing modules

-Flexible and robust expense management system, which maximizes accuracy, and ensures that the timelines and deadlines are met

-Highly advanced and automated reporting which takes into consideration all the critical metrics to be tracked and monitored

This was just a glimpse of what NetSuite Services Resource Planning is capable of, for services organization. Distinct features exist within CRM, financial management, forecasting, business management and other advanced modules, which will further streamline the services lifecycle, and optimize productivity.

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