Overview Of Inspirria’s 5 Built For NetSuite SuiteApps (And Why This Matters?)

Using the powerful and flexible NetSuite framework, Inspirria has conceptualised and developed 5 SuiteApps, which empowers businesses with the exciting new possibilities which NetSuite offers.


SuiteApps are business applications, created for extending and enhancing NetSuite for businesses and providing additional features and services, tailor-made for the specific business need.


In this article, we will give a brief overview of the 5 SuiteApps which Inspirria has developed, and explain how businesses can leverage its potential. 


These SuiteApps are Built For NetSuite certified, which provides them with a stamp of authority and acknowledgement from Netsuite itself. 


We will also explain what is Built For NetSuite platform, and why it matters to you, as a client.


Indian Taxation Bundle: SuiteApp For Simplifying GST


Govt of India enforced GST or Goods and Services Tax regime for entire India, starting from 2017. Any company which wants to run business in India, or set up a subsidiary/plant or office needs to follow the GST rules for filing taxes, and be 100% GST complaint.


Inspirria has resolved and decoded the complexities of GST, and have developed a SuiteApp called Indian Taxation Bundle, which businesses can deploy for handling all GST related issues.


Once deployed with NetSuite, Indian Taxation Bundle SuiteApp can seamlessly define the different types of taxes under GST, calculate input and output posting, configuring tax codes for the specific business, and more importantly, automate entire GST filing process.


With Indian Taxation Bundle SuiteApp from Inspirria, your business is 100% GST complaint.


You can get more information here.


Leave Management System: SuiteApp For Handling Leaves Process


Leave Management System is a SuiteApp custom developed by Inspirria, for handling the entire leave allocation process for employees, in an organization. Using NetSuite’s powerful features, Leave Management System or LMS from Inspirria helps and aids the HR Department with dealing with leave process, in a simplified, and Cloud-enabled manner.


Both full time and remote employees can access LMS via Cloud, and apply for the leaves in advance. In turn, the management can utilise LMS, and check out their pending tasks, their project completion timelines, accrued leaves, remaining leaves, and accordingly take a decision on their leave application.


With Leave Management System, the entire process of applying and approving leaves becomes super easy, and super efficient.


More information here.


PayEdge: SuiteApp For Managing Salaries Of Employees


PayEdge is another useful, and feature-loaded SuiteApp developed by Inspirria for optimally managing salaries and wages of all employees.


Inspirria has understood that in this ever changing landscape of digital transformation, the role and responsibilities of employees are changing, and they should be compensated accordingly.


For instance, there can be remote employees, as well as full time employees, doing the same job, but in different time zones, and different salary structure. 


PayEdge resolves these niche, but crucial issues, and empowers the HR Dept to allocate and finalise salaries based on the work, and the project allocation. 


Using PayEdge, HRs can automate the salary distribution process, and calculate the salaries without any errors. Since this SuiteApp is based on NetSuite, it can import and access data from other modules as well, thereby creating a powerful and useful platform for handling issues related with salaries for all employees.


It also aids the management in complying with Govt. regulations and rules, without any hassle.


You can get more information on PayEdge here.


ServiceEdge: SuiteApp For Optimising Customer Service Delivery


Until and unless a business is aware of their customers, their pain points, their joys, and their challenges, they cannot aim for disruption and leap which they planned.


Inspirria has developed a custom-made SuiteApp called ServiceEdge, which can be termed as revolutionary and path breaking for the incredible features it offers.


Once this SuiteApp is deployed on the existing NetSuite framework, businesses can have complete data and information about their customers, which helps to provide even better service, and post-sale service.


Using a single dashboard, customers can access contract scope, terms, coverage and inclusions, and even calculate contract-wise and asset-wise profitability analysis, for making quick business decisions.


Customer’s past purchases, their present rentals, and more such information can be assessed, and calculated using ServiceEdge.


Find out how ServiceEdge can help you business, right here.


RentalEdge: SuiteApp For Empowering Rental Businesses


RentalEdge is a revolutionary SuiteApp, tailor-made for rental businesses, which can optimise their revenue stream, and help them plug the leaks for enhanced profits.


If you are into Real Estate, Automobiles, Machines, Gadgets, Equipment and other rental businesses, then RentalEdge is a must-have business app for your NetSuite framework.


Using this, businesses can map and track every single piece of rental asset, and then calculated profit and loss, based on the contract and historical data of that asset.


Timely reminders about pending payments can be sent to the customers, and during shipping, every asset can be tracked in real time, live.


RentalEdge has the power to completely transform your rental business. For more info, visit here.


What Is ‘Built For NetSuite’ & Why This Matters?


In order to maintain quality and standards of SuiteApps, NetSuite provides highly prestigious ‘Built For NetSuite’ accreditation to few selected SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partners.


This certification of Built for NetSuite is provided by NetSuite, only after a thorough and in depth examination of security features, usability and other metrics, as prescribed under "SuiteApp Architectural Fundamentals & Examples", or SAFE guide.


After every product release, Built For NetSuite accreditation is renewed, after a fresh set of examination, which is semi-annual.


All the 5 SuiteApps developed by Inspirria are certified as Built For NetSuite, since it meets the strict quality parameters as followed by the SAFE Guide.


This means that when you select Built For NetSuite certified SuiteApps from NetSuite, then you can be assured of complete data protection, world class product features, usability and data security. 

To know more about Built For NetSuite badges, and how Inspirria has ensured the highest quality standards while developing their SuiteApps, please visit here.