Wholesale & Distribution Is Changing: 4 Reasons Why You Need NetSuite Right Now

NetSuite for Wholesale & Distribution

Till a few years ago, wholesale and distribution was fairly traditional business, limited to a specific geographical boundary, and dependent on age-old tools and standalone software.

However, with the advent of the digital age, everything changed for wholesale and distribution business, all over the world.

With drastic changes in the distribution model and expanse of the business beyond borders, traditional businesses are losing their competitive edge as the very structure of the business is altering, forever.

NetSuite, the world's fastest growing Cloud based business management suite has deeply studied the massive, inevitable transformation which wholesale business is witnessing, and have accordingly devised a robust module which takes care of every aspect of the new reality.

Here are 4 major reasons why wholesale and distribution businesses need NetSuite right now:

E Commerce Is The Truth You Cannot Avoid

As you are reading this blog, your targeted audience is online, and searching for his next purchase. Geographical boundaries have diminished, and business has turned 24*7, 365 days a year.

Your next order can arrive from anywhere, and if your business is not prepared for the same, then you are basically out of business.

NetSuite offers cutting edge, state of the art ecommerce features, which makes your wholesale and distribution business future ready, and competitive. Using NetSuite, you can target both B2C and B2B businesses, and generate non-stop revenues, literally.

Beat Your Competition At Their Own Game

If you have not adapted to the new reality of technology, then it doesn’t mean that your competition too is lagging behind in technology.

They have become more tech savvy than ever and now, it’s high time that your organization too embraces new age technology, and make yourself ready with the changes.

When you use NetSuite, you can technologically empower your critical business operations such as CRM, order management, inventory, taxation and more, and use technology for your advantage and beat your competition.

Rapidly Changing Business Models

Now, most of the people use Netflix to watch movies. Most of the consumers use Uber, Lyft to transport, rather than using their own cars. They order food online, instead of cooking at home.

Business models are changing everywhere and new, exciting mode of operations are seeping in everywhere.

Believe it or not, but the same thing is happening with Wholesale and Distribution businesses as well. No longer you need to spend hours solving multi-nation tax issues, or dedicate an entire team to track supply chain and shipments.

Using NetSuite, you can automate these processes, and create dashboards to streamline the operations.

New business models need a new perspective, and NetSuite is here to empower your organization with that new angle of doing business.

Tech Investment Is No More A Luxury, But A Necessity

We highlighted examples of Netflix and Uber and Zomato and other disruptive business models. If you are assuming that only the startups and digital companies need tech push, then you are wrong.

Your customer and your vendors are evolving with technology, and no longer can you afford to ignore this tech disruption.

Your accounts department and your production department cannot use different, standalone software, and then spend days matching the details. Every data and information should be no in-sync with the main database, as realtime information gathering is the norm.

Warehouse scanners, B2B ecommerce sites, Cloud Computing are altering your business forever and NetSuite is right here to help to embrace this change.

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