NetSuite SuiteWorld 2018: Top Sessions You Can’t Afford to Miss

NetSuite SuiteWorld 2018

A growing number of businesses faced with IT operational complexity are turning to NetSuite solutions such as NetSuite Quality Management, NetSuite Fixed Asset Management and NetSuite Advanced Order Management to simplify and streamline processes. However, for businesses to achieve long-term business value, tapping the holistic potential of NetSuite ecosystem is imperative. This means leveraging the best practices for implementing and integrating NetSuite solutions. Attending NetSuite SuiteWorld 2018 is a great way to learn how to leverage these best practices to overcome the barriers to your business growth. With more then 200 knowledge sharing sessions on the latest trends and updates, the conference provides an opportunity to network with NetSuite community members and meet potential NetSuite implementation partners who can help build long-term business value. Here are the must attend sessions at NetSuite SuiteWorld 2018:

#1 Best practices for e-commerce growth

Wednesday, Apr 25, 01:45 p.m. - 02:45 p.m This session is designed to provide attendees with insights into SuiteSuccess for Commerce and how it can help build and deploy an online store that supports exceptional B2B as well as B2C buying experiences. The session will also highlight best practices and provide knowledge on how to choose a design theme for a best-in-class SuiteCommerce web store.

#2 Ask Us Anything about SuiteCloud and Commerce Development

Wednesday, Apr 25, 03:15 p.m. - 04:15 p.m. In this session, NetSuite coders and platform developers will take power users and SuiteCloud developers through interactive sessions to help them drive advanced customization, configuration, commerce, administration and coding. How does this help? Leverage the tips and techniques from this session to help you build apps that maximize business outcomes.

#3 Automate Your Fulfillment Decisions with NetSuite Advanced Order Management

Wednesday, Apr 25, 04:45 p.m. - 05:45 p.m. For product companies to improve their product margins, a robust fulfillment strategy is a must. This session will walk you through how NetSuite Advanced Order Management helps companies automate the fulfillment process and optimize fulfillment strategies for various order and line items with the goal of enhancing customer experience and slashing fulfillment costs.

#4 Best Practices for Implementing NetSuite and OpenAir for Professional Services Organizations

Wednesday, Apr 25, 04:45 p.m. - 05:45 p.m. Moving to NetSuite OpenAir solution requires effective strategy and careful planning. This session will provide insights for companies looking to seamlessly move from multiple, independent systems to an integrated NetSuite or OpenAir solution. The outcome: businesses will gain the ability to better manage projects and select the right partner for NetSuite implementation.

#5 Best Practices for NetSuite Fixed Asset Management: What’s New?

Thursday, Apr 26, 03:00 p.m. - 04:00 p.m. NetSuite Fixed Assets Management enables companies to manage fixed assets acquisition, depreciation, revaluation, and retirement. This session will guide companies through the process of setting up, tracking and reporting fixed assets, across their entire lifecycle. The session will also provide knowledge on how to control all transactions related to company assets, such as asset proposal, creation, depreciation and revaluation.

#6 Building a Strong HR and Payroll Foundation

Tuesday, Apr 24, 03:15 p.m. - 04:15 p.m. How can companies build a more productive and engaging workforce? Streamlining human resource systems and enabling efficient payroll management is the first step. The session on strong HR and payroll foundation is fashioned to help companies leverage modern HR systems for improving workforce management and building a robust payroll foundation.

#7 Demystifying SuiteCommerce for Solution Partners

Wednesday, Apr 25, 04:45 p.m. - 05:45 p.m. Scaling and adapting to the unique selling and buying needs of customers is a major challenge for businesses today. At the end of this session, you will be able to position the right NetSuite SuiteCommerce products for ecommerce, POS, and order management, enabling you to link multi-channel and multi-location retail business.

#8 Introducing the Next-Generation NetSuite SuiteTax Engine/Configuring SuiteTax

Thursday, Apr 26, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Efficient and faster tax management is critical to rapid financial close. Attend this session if you are looking to improve your knowledge of tax engine to help you configure the tax engine, automate tax rate updates, and improve tax registrations. Check out SuiteApp for Indian Taxation

#9 Key Dashboards for Your Finance Team

Wednesday, Apr 25, 03:15 p.m. - 04:15 p.m. Cloud-based financials are critical to reducing costs, enabling business transformation and driving growth. With this session, you can gain the ability to create informative and engaging dashboards that provide an end-to-end view of financials.

#10 Implementing NetSuite OneWorld Using SuiteSuccess

Tuesday, Apr 24, 04:45 p.m. - 05:45 p.m. Competitive success today lies in the organization’s ability to scale rapidly based on innovation and data-driven decisions. Make it a point to drop in on this session to better understand Suite success methodology for the NetSuite OneWorld module t0 help you scale rapidly.

#11 NetSuite Quality Management: Tips, tricks and best practices

Wednesday, Apr 25, 03:15 p.m. - 04:15 p.m. The NetSuite Quality Management session is all about equipping participants with the tips and tricks necessary to configure and deploy NetSuite Quality Management. The result: you can ensure total compliance with your organization’s quality standards. Now that you have the low down on all the great sessions, we hope you will attend NetSuite SuiteWorld 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 23-26, to network with other NetSuite enthusiasts and take your business to the next level. INSPIRRIA CLOUDTECH is a leading NetSuite Solutions Partner with 500+ cloud implementation experience and offers Implementation and Development Services various verticals. Inspirria is also a NetSuite Commerce and SuiteCloud Developer Network partner offering different NetSuite services taking care of client business needs. We leverage more than 14 years of experience and data-driven strategic cloud assessment services capabilities to help companies outperform their competition. Visit Inspirria Cloudtech at Booth #840.