NetSuite Suiteapp RentalEdge Is Now 'Built for NetSuite'

NetSuite for Rental Business

Inspirria is proud to announce that our NetSuite Suiteapp: RentalEdge, is now ‘Built For NetSuite’.


This is a huge accomplishment for us, since we custom built this suiteapp from scratch, and created a unique platform for rental companies to fully unleash the potential of NetSuite for optimising their operations.


Keep reading to find out why ‘Built for NetSuite’ is crucial, and what are the advantages of RentalEdge?


What Is RentalEdge?


RentalEdge a suiteapp, built by Inspirria using NetSuite’s framework for empowering rental business owners to take control of their operations, and optimise it for maximum growth.


In the business of rentals, timing is crucial: The business owner should be aware when the rentals are due, and the customers need to be aware of that beforehand. 


The revenue leaks should be plugged in by monitoring every piece of asset and deriving its ROI from the business point of view.


RentalEdge is that NetSuite suiteapp, which performs these activities and more.


Customers who deploy RentalEdge within their existing NetSuite network can get a 360 degree view of their rental business: inventory, equipment, assets, payments, subscription and more.


Advantages of RentalEdge


Tracking and monitoring rental assets, and tracing each and every payment are the biggest advantages of RentalEdge.


Using customised dashboards, the rental business owners can seamlessly track every asset, auto-generate purchase contracts, and rental contracts, and calculate ROI in real time.


Real time visibility of the rental stock, and assets helps in calculating revenues, and this helps in making smart business decisions. Rental business owners can cross-reference each and every transaction, using the rental contract and purchase contract, which sets aside ambiguity and sets in transparency of the highest degree.


Automated emails can be sent to the customers, and payment information can be analysed for calculating revenues and profits without spending much time into it. Often rental businesses lose control over the payments, as tracking every asset becomes a headache, and sending payment reminders becomes inconsistent, which leads to loss and drop in revenues.


RentalEdge resolves this plug, using logic and technology. 


RentalEdge Makes Rental Business More Profitable


A single dashboard can be used to calculate revenues generating from every piece of equipment/asset, so that the management is aware of the finances and ROI.


Not only that, the rental business owners can actually be location-independent: They can be located in the USA, but can seamlessly track and monitor their rental business spread across Europe and Australia, without actually being there. 


When it comes to scaling, then RentalEdge provides several advantages: As soon as an equipment or an asset is rented out, the system will automatically generate Machine In Field (MIF) record and every asset can be allocated a unique SKU/serial number for real time tracking.


Using a tablet and mobile or laptop, every data and information can be tracked and monitored for making quick business decisions.


Automated reports such as inventory status report, profit and loss report, payment status etc can be generated and programmed without any hassles. Such automated reports are timely, accurate and rich with information about the overall rental business, which translates to better business decisions, and an empowered business foundation. 


Users can seamlessly create such reports using drag and drop feature, further simplifying the overall process; 


RentalEdge gives more control and more flexibility to the rental business owners, and optimise their businesses for 360 degree growth and expansion. The management is exactly aware which direction their business is moving, and can plan their expansion accordingly.


Since NetSuite is built using NetSuite framework, it can quickly, effortlessly integrated into it, thereby assisting the rental business owners to quickly unleash its advantages and features.


We have deployed RentalEdge across 50 organizations, all across the globe. RentalEdge can cover every form of rental business: be it real estate, wherein the owners need to track and monitor real estate properties spread across the globe or automobiles wherein businesses are renting automobiles across a diversified geographical location.


RentalEdge has also proved to be extremely useful and beneficial in the business of renting out heavy equipment in the construction and manufacturing industries.


RentalEdge Is Now ‘Built For NetSuite’


Considering the high quality and usability of this suiteapp, NetSuite has now announced that RentalEdge made by Inspirria is now ‘Built For NetSuite’ suiteapp.


This highly prestigious accreditation is awarded to SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partners after a thorough and in depth ‘Built For NetSuite’ review process, which is based on the guidelines and principles mentioned in the "SuiteApp Architectural Fundamentals & Examples", or SAFE guide.


This Built for NetSuite approval status must be renewed after every product release cycle, which is semi-annual. 


Built for NetSuite status means that the suiteapp offered by the SuiteCloud Developer (Inspirria, in this case), meets the critical security guidelines, data privacy rules and overall quality. 


Hence, the businesses which opt to use Built for NetSuite suiteapps can be assured of 100% data security and quality of service.


For more information on Built For NetSuite, you can visit here.


How Can Inspirria Help Your Rental Business?


Inspirria Cloudtech is an Oracle NetSuite Partner, having 15+ years of experience in deploying Cloud technologies across 650+ organizations in the Middle East, Africa and North America. We have won Oracle NetSuite APAC Partner of the Year award, Oracle NetSuite 5 star award, Oracle NetSuite EMEA Solution Provider award, which showcases our dedication and passion.

We have a team of 110+ NetSuite and Cloud Consultants, who have the expertise and experience of analysing your business, and suggesting the most optimal ERP and CRM solution via NetSuite.


When it comes to your rental business, we will understand your specific business requirements, and find out the critical business objectives which needs to be optimised and monitored via RentalEdge.


In short, we will solve the puzzle of profitability for your rental business: We will empower you with the right information, at the right time, for the right entity. 

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