NetSuite Offers Stellar Benefits For Managing Supply Chain

Supply chain is considered as the backbone of any global enterprise: Unless you are able to move and transport your products swiftly from one location to the other, your business cannot ensure consistent growth.

Since modern day supply chain companies are operating across various time-zones and locations, it is very difficult to manage the operations via different software and tools. Not only your coordination will go haywire, but the output will suffer, impacting the entire bottomline of the organization.

Understanding these needs and requirements, NetSuite has developed a rock-solid module for handling Supply Chain, which delivers a stellar performance.

Here is why…

Planning Your Supply Chain Becomes Seamless

Using advanced inventory management and demand planning techniques, NetSuite’s Supply Chain module helps your business to plan better, and faster. Now, your business can easily balance demand and supply, achieve every aspect of the process: Control costs, manage your clients, and optimize your service.

Allocate unique parameters to your different locations, and experience unprecedented control over your entire supply chain.

Control Your Supply Chain Execution

Using NetSuite, organizations dealing with supply chain can execute the operations in a surprisingly easy manner. Be informed about the current position of your operations, and collaborate with distributors, partners, suppliers and contract manufacturers in a better way, to execute the operations optimally.

Besides, NetSuite enables you to take control of the execution, in a simple way.

Supply Chain Control Tower, for instance, is a unique feature in the Supply Chain module, which provides the management with a global time phase view to check current and future inventory positions across the globe.

This way, you are in control of your business, without breaking sweat.

Communication Made Simple & Seamless

NetSuite allows your business to communicate freely with your vendors, suppliers and partners, so that everyone is on the same page.

Your supply chain partners can have direct access to a common platform, wherein both the parties and the clients are able to check the updated information about the shipment, their exact location, and estimated time for delivery.

Through web service or RESTlet APIs, an integrated communication channel can be established, which allows every party involved to have the same information and collaborate in run-time.

Moreover, since NetSuite is based entirely on Cloud, there is literally no limitations regarding accessing messages and mails across any device or gadget.

Supply Chain management had never been so easy.

Dependable Support Service

NetSuite for supply chain provides feature such as automated case management, issue tracking, warranty registration, repair and more, so that you can give a dependable customer support service to your customers.

Manage the cases on priority, share details with the appropriate teams, and resolve the matter on time, to keep your clients and partners happy, and loyal.

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