NetSuite Customer Success Services – Point of Sale (PoS)

NetSuite Point of Sales

The NetSuite PoS solution is a strong, cloud-based platform that beings together commerce tools. Apart from integrating with back-end inventory management, CRM, and accounting systems, NetSuite POS helps sales teams with mobile-friendly devices that talk directly to inventory and customer data. Orders are triggered by customers either online or in-store. The updates are done across locations and platforms so that the current information and order status stay updated. NetSuite provides many methods to complete the physical transaction through card swiping, payment processing, receipt delivery, and more.

True PoS

Enabled through proper integration, NetSuite POS technology is fully connected so that sales associates, call centers, support teams, warehouse staff, and management can all view real-time data of customer information, inventory control, shipping costs, tax data, and other variables.

Omni-Channel Delivery

Customers interacting with a NetSuite-powered system can access orders they started online in a physical store location. With a 360-degree view of each transaction, NetSuite PoS is able to display timeline of past customer purchases, returns, and other interactions, making it easier to make on-the-spot decisions and to deliver highly customized service to clients.

Integrated Payment Processing

NetSuite POS products work with a variety of payment processing providers and mobile card-swiping terminals. They deliver multiple levels of security for customers, cashiers, and managers.

Customer Success Services

NetSuite also has a subscription-based program for customer services that can help you maximize your ROI from a PoS solution. Each subscription plan has an allocation of hours which can be used for enhancements, upgrade assistance, register staging and system monitoring. To get the most out of your plan, a Success Manager will be assigned to you.

Key benefits:

  • One-stop-shop for NetSuite Point of Sale (POS) product expertise, development and consulting
  • Optimize your in-store business and deliver engaging experiences to your shoppers by leveraging expertise and experience of the customer service team
  • Maintenance and sustainment services to ensure your POS solution continues to run at its best

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