NetSuite Integration With Power BI Application: Methodology & Benefits

NetSuite integration with power BI

In data-centric businesses, where information is the key to success, reports are very crucial. The management and the team leaders should be able to churn out relevant, and timely reports to understand their operations and their customers.

No doubt NetSuite has some wonderful in-built reports mechanism, but often, these are not enough.

In such cases, we need a powerful Business Intelligence application, which can graphically represent the enormous amount of data, its key insights and derivations in a simple format.

And here comes Power BI application, which is considered as one of the leading reporting tools for CRM and ERP platforms.

And when you combine NetSuite with Power BI, then the results are actually astonishing.

Power BI Application: What It Is?

Developed by Microsoft, Power BI is an efficient business intelligence tool which generates interactive visualizations and graphical reports, in an easy to understand and simple format.

The USP of Power BI is that the dashboards and interactive reports created can be easily understood by even a non-techie person, and this makes it the top choice for business owners and SMEs.

Be it any query or request, Power BI makes the process of data extraction seamless, and fast.

Drag-and-drop feature to generate reports and create dashboards makes Power BI extremely easy to use, and non-technical.

NetSuite Integration With Power BI: The Methodologies

NetSuite is World’s one of the most popular Cloud-based ERP and CRM platform, and Microsoft has ensured that Power BI is seamlessly integrated with NetSuite to benefit thousands of users.

There are several ways to integrate NetSuite and Power BI and some of them are:

- ODBC / OLEDB Interface



- NS Backend Suitelet

- SQL Server

Benefits Of NetSuite Integration With Power BI

Some of the major benefits of integrating NetSuite with Power BI are:

lPower BI has been designed in such a way that it seamlessly integrates with all the existing modules within the NetSuite ecosystem. Thus, you need not integrate finance module or HR module separately.

lPower BI will help the users to generate customized, tailor-made dashboards instantly, using drag and drop feature. Such dashboards would be fully personalized, based on specific needs and business objectives.

lPower BI will allow NetSuite users to securely publish reports, since it uses the highly advanced client-side encryption, powered by cipher block chaining (CBC) mode and advanced encryption standard (AES). In case there is any confidential data, there will be no leakage and security hazard with Power BI and NetSuite.

lThe entire business intelligence module can be connected with both Android and iOS platforms, which means more mobility, and more flexibility.

lPower BI will respond in real-time for all data extraction requests, which makes the platform agile, and active.

lNetSuite and Power BI collectively ensure that the reports generated are accurate, and the turn-around time is fast.

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