Managing Leave Made Easy with NetSuite Leave Management System

NetSuite Leave management System

Leave management System

Today, leave management can be a difficult task in an organization as working models have changed and employees can work flexibly and remotely. Using this SuiteApp, employees can access their leave balance and log in new requests through the Employee Centre. The App can be configured as per the country’s public holidays and the company’s working week. Leave applications are easily routed through a dedicated workflow system, enabling the approving managers to act on the leave request. The workflow is as follows: The leave requests are sent to supervisor for approval or rejection in an email. The link on the email routes the supervisor to the record where status can be changed and notes appended. The approved/rejected status is immediately triggered and sent to the requestor. List of requests can also be viewed via employee’s ‘My leave requests’. Some of the key features of online leave management include,

  • Generate online leave requests via NetSuite
  • Record employee annual leave entitlements and balance
  • Automatically generate leave approval requests to designated supervisors
  • Manage different leave types and facilitate carry over from one year to the next
  • Employee can login and view status on the ‘Employee centre’

The employee centre allows role-based access enabling them to complete tasks. It also enables complete transparency and employees have complete clarity around usage and status of their benefits, visibility into the organization and peer status in organizations hierarchy. Online leave management system eliminates manual intervention and delivers other benefits like:

  • Teams do not need to maintain manual leave records.
  • Online access for real-time visibility of leave records.
  • Online authorisation which allows all leaves to be processed and properly authorised.
  • Real-time access supports precision in reporting.
  • Online employee self-service reduces administration costs

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