3 Ways Oracle HCM helps Attract Top Talent and Enable Deep Employee Engagement

Oracle HCM Cloud

Until recently, employee engagement and organizational culture were private HR issues. Now every corporate decision and way things work around in a company are visible online for every employee. Smartphones and social networking tools have empowered employees to stay connected and access and monitor new work opportunities. Given the increased transparency of organizational culture, it is imperative companies provide easy to use, consumer friendly self-service resources to helps boost employee engagement and drive significant competition. So how can companies create a winning culture and align workforce to meet organizational needs? Oracle HCM cloud unifies core HR functions and delivers single source of data to provide increased insight into employee functions for streamlined process. The outcome: engaged and efficient workforce.
Here are top three benefits of leveraging Oracle HCM:

#1 Hire and retain best-fit talent:

Managing and retaining best talent, requires access to right technology. Underpinned by AI-based recruiting features and health and safety governance and risk capabilities, Oracle HCM enables organization to optimize talent management and provide complete insight into workforce. It combines all major HR functions such as talent management, performance management in one platform making it easy for everyone to collaborate across any device for enhanced operational efficiency. Algorithmic insights provide HR managers with improved decision-making capability for hiring best-fit candidate and suggesting career enhancement opportunities for candidates.

#2 Pay people accurately:

Paying employee accurately is critical to enhance experience. With a global rules engine Oracle HCM powers multiple payroll for multiple countries in a single system while meeting local statutory requirements. Tight integration between compensation and talent lets organizations align rewards with performance, helping reduce attrition cost and enhance employee productivity. The cloud solution also helps track different types of leaves- to maximize staff efficiency and provide the right incentives for workers to show up.

#3 Reduce IT cost:

The pay-as-you go HR and payroll model of Oracle HCM with no upfront investment in hardware, is a great way to reduce implementation cost. Leveraging expertise of an experienced Oracle partner can help organizations in faster implementation and slashing maintenance and upgrade costs. In addition, with no hardware requirement, organizations are better placed to optimize power, cooling and implementation cost.

Reinventing and reskilling HR is crucial to empowering a global workforce. Investment in Oracle HCM helps redesign business processes learning and retraining programs for greater gains in leadership development, employee engagement and culture. As organizations grow and evolve they can choose from flexible deployment options such as on-premise, on-demand and SaaS for for simplifying work management. What’s more? Leveraging analytics capability of Orace HCM puts organizations in unique place to harness strategic talent advantage and understand employee career trends for becoming a stronger employer brand.
Inspirria is an Oracle partner. We leverage cutting-edge expertise and more than 14 years of experience in cloud technologies to help companies make the most of Oralce HCM by helping them personalize employee experience and engagement. Our rapid implementation methodologies with strong in-house certified implementation and solution consultants helps organizations leverage Oracle HCM’s powerful features, helping accelerate time to value.
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