3 Reasons Why Oracle NetSuite Has The Perfect Recipe For Restaurants and Hospitality Industry

Location had been the most crucial aspect for any restaurant or hotel in older times: Better the location, better were the chances of success.

However, with the advent of the digital age, location has become neutral: When every customer has an app or access to a website, then location doesn’t matter.

It’s the timing, and business intelligence which matters.

Imagine a business management software for restaurants, which takes care of inventory, supply chain, helps you understand your customers, and empower you to deliver before your competitors can.

This sounds like the perfect recipe for success, and Oracle NetSuite understands this more than anyone else.

Utilizing their massive business acumen, and domain expertise, NetSuite has developed a very niche, and very specific module for restaurants, hotels and hospitality industry in general, which is laser focussed on making your business bigger, and more profitable.

Here are 3 reasons why:

More Control, & More Flexibility

Using Oracle NetSuite, you can track and monitor your deliveries in real time, and update your customers about the same which translates to more control, and more flexibility for your business.

You will know exactly when that online order will be delivered to your customer, or where is that order which was shipped 30 minutes ago from your physical outlet.

In case of multiple franchises, and multiple outlets, you can monitor the operations in real time, which empowers you to make the right business, at the right time.

Supply Chain Reinvented

Using your mobile or tablet or laptop, you can track every order which is being sent out,

And monitor the inbound shipment of raw materials, in real time.

Such analytics helps you to calculate the bottom-line expenses, and empower you to make smart business decisions. Say, if you are aware that your raw materials shipment from a distant hypermall is taking time, you can accordingly change your menu for the dinner, and avoid unpleasant experiences for your customers.

One single business suite, for managing your entire supply chain, is possible only with NetSuite.

Multiple Point Of Sale Means More Business

In case of physical outlets, NetSuite streamlines the point of sale operations with technology-enabled service, which is quick and efficient. It optimises your digital payment gateways, and induces more trust and more confidence in your customers.

In case of online point of sale options: website and apps, then NetSuite provides you an army of digital features and assets (email templates, listing options, design guide, UX/UI assistance).

Not only that, but it will also assist in tracking and monitoring your inventory, in real-time. Once you are aware of the exact position and volume of your inventory, you can devise better offers, better plans, and better business decisions.

Be it online or offline mode of business, NetSuite is present for you for optimised results, always.

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