12 Ways Our Managed Services Will Empower Your Organization With Operational Excellence

The biggest roadblock for deploying a stable Cloud solution in any organization is execution of the platform.

More than 80% of the resources and budget is spent by the organization to execute the plans, and the framework, and this creates a massive hole in operations.

In some instances, in house IT team invests more than 100% of their time and energy into making sure that the existing processes are working fine, and this is such a waste of precious resources.

What if a company provides you a scalable and robust solution, which takes care of NetSuite deployment, and execution of the Cloud platform, so that your team is focused on the core business objectives?

It’s no more a fantasy!

Inspirria Cloudtech, which is a winner of Oracle NetSuite 5 star award, Oracle NetSuite EMEA Solution Provider and Oracle NetSuite APAC Partner of the Year award, has the right solution for your organization.

WIth over 15 years of experience in Cloud technologies, and 600+ deployments under their belt, Inspirria offers state of the art Managed Services, which translates to exceptional operational excellence for your organization.

Here are 12 ways our Managed Services will empower your organization:

#1 Support

The core areas which Inspirria will cover are Netsuite Support Function and Troubleshooting.

Under this, we will provide specialized support for functionality related issues such as reports, saved searches and more. We will also handle crucial business processes such as Cash sale, cases, bill payments, bill generation, entire purchase process, sales process, bank reconciliation and more.

In addition to these, we will also provide specialized support for NetSuite SuiteScript.

Under this, we will provide complete end to end support for various customized processes developed vi SuiteScript such as Clubpoint Development, Service charge claim, slot service, technician's productivity assessment and more.

#2 Data Migration

Migrating data from a legacy system to a new system is one of the most complex, yet crucial tasks. Under this, we will provide you support for migrating Master Record, Transactions and Custom Records.

This will include (but not limited to) migrating data related with vendors, customers, various transactions such as invoices, bill payments, item receipts and more.

With our managed services, we will take care of every aspect related with data migration for you.

#3 Workflows

There are two aspects within NetSuite workflow, which we will take care for you, under our Managed Services: Creating new SuiteFlow, and managing existing ones.

We can create customized workflow using NetSuite’s SuiteFlow for specialized transactions such as validation perspective like to lock the records, field enable/disable, send email, and more.

#4 SuiteAnalytics

SuiteAnalytics is a powerful data monitoring platform from NetSuite, which can help you to take control over your data, in real time.

Under our managed services, we provide two crucial services for SuiteAnalytics: Basic and Advanced.

The major service which we will provide: Help you to create published dashboards for various customized roles, create saved searches for accurate calculations, form aging report, customized standard reports like balance sheets, trial balance and more.

#5 Functional Testing

Once the deployment is executed, functional testing is one of the most important steps to ensure error-free operations.

Our Managed Services cover functional testing for not only standard business operations but also specialized and customized processes such as sales order, purchase order, Bank reconciliation, Slot Service, Consumer registration through SMS and more.

#6 User Manual/Help Document

Once again, our Managed services comes to your rescue, and offers very useful and vital support for creating user manual and help documents for your employees.

Our user manual will take care of prepared user notes and process documents for various processes such as Clubpoint development, Slot service, Consumer journey mapping, IVR, Paygo and more.

We will also provide module wise documentation and enhanced Knowledge Transfer, if your organization requires them.

#7 PDF Printing

Our Managed Services also takes care of PDF printing tasks, based on the customized format and requirements. This includes both Basic Print (Invoices) and Advanced Print (Check Print)

#8 Issues & Error Resolution

When it comes to managing errors and issues for any business operation, we are there to handle them for you, via our Managed Services.

We will handle the issues and resolve them within stipulated time, and based on their priority, as specified by you.

#9 New Developments

New business and marketing processes can be incubated anytime, depending on the business objectives, and we are there to help to handle them.

New and sudden requirements such as bulk SMS for different countries, service charge claim, Calls Allocation/ Reallocation, CSAT module, etc. are covered under our Managed Services.

#10 Custom Development

In case a particular module or a feature within NetSuite platform is not present, then we can custom develop that particular feature or module, and empower your NetSuite deployment with even more features and functionalities.

When it comes to custom development (Bulk SMS, mass email, new marketing campaign etc), then you can rely on our world class Managed Services.

#11 CSV Upload

Data is the new gold, and no organization can afford to lose data.

Our managed services will handle all data upload and CSV files upload tasks such as bills, bill payment, expense report, invoices, journal entries, data for custom records,

master data like customer, vendors, lead, partner, chart of accounts and more.

With our managed services, you can be assured of not losing even one column of data, ever.

#12 Innovative Developments

Besides regular and custom developments, we also provide support for innovative products and integrations, which can provide you with an edge over your competitors.

This specialized developments and Integrations can include CTI, IVR, Website, Google map, Amazon, Paygo, SMS integration with different countries, Android app, Whatsapp (2 way integration) and more.

Using Managed Services from Inspirria, your organization will not only save IT costs, but also make sure that crucial business operations are running in sync with the business objectives, and you are always one step ahead of the competition.

For more details on our managed services, please contact our solution expert.