Inspirria Cloudtech moves to Highly-Secured Offshore Set-Up for Global Clientele

August, 2016

Inspirria Cloudtech, the first of its kind Cloud Service Broker (CSB) or Cloud Aggregator in the country, announces the relocation of their corporate headquarter to newoffice space in Pune, India. The new office comes with efficient offshore set-up and secure environment. This initiative aimsatimproved performances, global market development plans and steady growth.

The movement to a 10,000 square feet, well furnished work space provides its employees vibrant and enhanced amenities, and substantial room to accommodate future growth. Further, Inspirria Cloudtech has consolidated itself into a stronger new form andit continues to maintain its standards to meet global business challenges with its highly protected and well-organized offshore set up.

Biswas Nair, Founder & Managing Director at Inspirria Cloudtech said, “We are pleased to make such a large investment to this vibrant office space in Pune, the city we call home. It not only fits our strategic needs, but gives us a fresh, new landscape for building better experiences. This new Head office & Technology center will enable us to quickly grow our Global Offshore set up from nearly 100 people to over 150. Our new office is designed to be a fantastic place for the team to work, as well as a perfect environment to welcome our clients.. This, together with the continued growth in our sales, marketing, and professional services staff, will cement Inspirria Cloudtech’s position as the largest and most successful provider of Cloud Technologies for many years to come.”

With bigger and better space, Inspirria Cloudtech continued to serve with new and innovative stratergies for its customers, adding real value to the global organizations. Over a decade, the company has been serving as a single point of contact for organizations looking forward to become cloud power enterprise across the globe. Their team of highly qualified and experienced professionals do extensive consultancy and research to strategies, implement and executeCloud technologies for companies.

About Inspirria Cloudtech

Inspirria Cloudtech part of Inspirria Group, is a leading specialized Cloud Technology services company, providing leading edge Cloud solutions to global business around the world. Our professionals bring a rich 12 years plus experience in Cloud execution models through strategy, implementation & consulting capabilities, having worked across Industry verticals across the globe with more than 400+ successful Cloud implementations. Inspirria Cloudtech has been recognized as a cloud champion and Premier 100 company by IDG Group. It was also selected as a winner in Red Herring Top 100 Technology company. It has also been named as the Top 10 promising cloud companies to watch by a leading global publishing house. Inspirria Cloudtech is associated as premier partners with leading cloud product companies like NetSuite, Oracle,, Google, Box and Docusign making the firm one of the world's leading Cloud Service Broker ( CSB ) or Cloud aggregator. Inspirria Cloudtech is headquartered in Pune, India and operations in UAE, USA & Canada. For more information about Inspirria Cloudtech, please visit