Sales Cloud

Surpass your Sales Goals with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Running successful sales organizations with streamlined processes to grow your business can be a challenging task. Arming your sales team with the best tools to gain more leads and close more deals can be time consuming and cost prohibitive.

The Sales Cloud holds the answer for an organization’s goal to productive sales teams. It provides easy access to tools, services, information, colleagues and partners, all in one place, to build close relationships with the customers.

Carrying no risk and expense of on-premise cumbersome software, sales teams of organizations can get what they need, no matter where they are, to forge stronger connections with customers. Sales Cloud allows sales reps and managers to collaborate with the next generation set of tools, drawing in more sales wins as a team. Automating much of the workflow and pricing approval processes, improves sales effectiveness.

Sales Cloud offers a 360-degree view of each customer along the customer journey with the organization. Customizable solution that can be tailored to represent company specific business processes, allow a great deal of flexibility in even extending the solution with native apps. Unparalleled real- time analytics provides management with data on state of the business and delivers insights required for sound business decisions and accurate sales forecasting.

Sales cloud infographic

Solution Benefits

  • Single system for marketing and leads: Boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with a single system to manage multi-channel campaigns from leads to closed deals. Real-time analytics: Management can get all the insights to make strategic business decisions with accurate sales forecasts from real-time dashboards.
  • App Exchange: Extending sales cloud to other organization functions such as finance or HR is easy using any of the many applications on the marketplace.
  • Cloud platform: A single platform that can be customized to suit your business needs is the most collaborative tool for partners and teams to work together and achieve shared goals.

What Sets Inspirria Apart

With more than 14 years of experience in cloud technologies and over 500 clients around the world, we have collaborated with innumerable global companies across industry verticals. Inspirria’s rich industry experience, coupled with its cloud-based strategic service offerings, has helped businesses drive operational excellence and improve ROI. Through our data-driven strategic cloud assessments, companies are able to gain better business value.

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