Today’s digitally empowered customers are looking for faster and more responsive services across multiple channels and devices. Businesses that are not up to speed in understanding customer needs and identifying opportunities to serve them better trigger disappointment and risk customer retention. This calls for an end-to-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that gives a unified view into customer journey for driving sales, improving customer support, building effective marketing strategies and delivering personalized customer experience.

Sales Cloud icons

Sales Cloud

Running successful sales organizations with streamlined processes to grow your business can be a challenging task. Arming your sales team with the best tools to gain more leads and close more deals can be time consuming and cost prohibitive.

Service Cloud Lightning icons

Service Cloud Lightning

Sales and service go hand in hand. Customers who commit to a brand expect exceptional after sales service. Omitting to invest in the right support system to provide the best customer experience can prove to be detrimental to organizations.

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Community Cloud

An engaged and aligned community of customers, partners and employees is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s market. Online community platforms have become the voice of the customer and a place of interaction with companies and brands.

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Einstein Analytics

Many organizations today are feeling the need to collect, analyse and re-use information gathered from B2B and B2C customers for better decision making, by gaining insights and rapidly action on them to stay competitive in the market place.
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Commerce Cloud

Consumer shopping experience is witnessing a paradigm shift. Companies are increasingly focusing on transforming and redefining their digital engagement models, by becoming more agile, faster and scalable.

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Platform & App

In today’s digital age, companies are focusing on rapidly scaling their operations and ways to outperform their competition. More large and small business are recognizing the fact that creating app based platforms are essential, as it helps customers to get a more closer and personalized experience with the business.

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) as a technology is enabling things, people and cloud services to better connect via the internet. However, the delivery of new products or improved services based on the insights generated by the IoT is not working favourably for companies, as their existing business models may not be equipped to respond back to the insights generated through IoT.

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