Salesforce Integration with Your ERP System

Salesforce ERP Integration

Most of the organizations implement a CRM application where Salesforce is used to store and organize data and make it readily available for internal business process and interaction with customers. By implementing Salesforce ERP integration solution one can take a step further for incremental benefits.
The main motto is that the data is automatically exchanged and synced between two systems. This will allow you to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone data processes. Organized Salesforce application with company-wide access and visibility to key customer and product information. Salesforce has its own merits.

Steps for a successful integration

1. Customer/Account Integration

One of the best integrations that you can start with is the customer/account integrations. This is done as most of the data is related directly or indirectly to the customer information. It would be a good starting point to transfer customer information from the ERP to the CRM system, but it’s always good to have a two-way integration. This will help to keep both the systems to be up-to-date with the customer information.

2. Contact Integration

For instance, if you’re starting with blank contacts in Salesforce then all the contacts residing in the ERP system are mostly migrated from the ERP to your new CRM as a one-time transfer. Once the migration is done you can start creating new contacts inside your CRM system. Most of the times you do not need to sync all the contacts. You just need to pay attention to the name of the invoices but that too can be managed by this system.

3. Product and Price Lists

We leave no stone unturned for transferring all your items from ERP system to Salesforce to keep all of it updated for you. When it comes to pricing you can either transfer a standard price or work more upon the lists and transfer them according to the requirements. A detailed pricing is required as the CRM system would help you create opportunities with the detailed information on the product level.

4. Invoices

Whenever an invoice is created by the accounting department within the ERP system the similar data can be moved into Salesforce for keeping the sales and customer service teams equipped and updated. Example can be adding some custom fields within opportunities and custom objects tied with Accounts.

5. Payment History

All the ledger entries of the customers can be transferred from the ERP to CRM and can be visible as all the payment history under the name of the customer. Also, it’s an added benefit by having the data inside your CRM system as it enables for creating some valuable reports around the total sales and payment history.

6. Inventory

The inventory is synchronized with the quantities with a practical use of Salesforce – ERP integration. One can keep a track of the inventory which can be accomplished in the Salesforce customizations to the products or Opportunity Line Items or by using a custom object. This will help the sales team to identify if the product is currently in stock while creating an opportunity and allowing to communicating the customer about the shipping dates.

7. Open Sales Orders

One can create the opportunities with the detailed product line information which probably makes sense while transferring into the ERP system which will thereby create a new sales order. This will happen as a part of the workflow in the Salesforce. The open sales are generally transferred in the second phase of the integration project.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

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