SalesCloud Automation in Salesforce

Sales Cloud gives you everything you need to connect with customers—from real-time marketing campaigns to intuitive deal tracking, all in one place and available anytime, from any device. Everything you need to know is automatically pushed to you in real time, from contact information to deal updates and discount approvals. What’s more, the information is automatically shared with the members of your team who need it. The result: You engage with customers earlier and close more deals faster, than ever before. It’s one of the world’s leading sales applications.
One of the most challenging tasks for a business is to streamline all the tasks. It’s time to keep all the teams especially the sales team connected with all the other team on the go. SalesCloud will help you in sync with all that you need. Most of your customers are available on their handy devices it’s only that you have to approach them via the same medium.


Get more leads

It’s time that you build your own “lead machine” for improving the conversion rates and growing the revenue.
1. Lead management will help in making smarter decisions about investments and track all your leads.
2. The market automation will help you create, deploy and manage effective online campaigns. It’s time that the sales and marketing team go hand-in-hand.
3. Get the right sales data at the right time and connect with the key decision makers faster. Increase your sales and marketing productivity with the latest and accurate data.
4. With partner management it’s time to empower your partner network and partner community. Connect for sharing goals, objectives, and activities in a secure branded location.

Close more deals

Be it any size all your sales rep will have a common goal to be the top performer.
1. Contact management will help you give a complete view of your customers which with include all that is required. Gain all the social media insights right within Salesforce.
2. Opportunity management will help you get all the details on the team’s deals like products, competitions, quotes etc. stay close with every sale that you have.
3. The sales collaboration will help you tap and chat faster. You get better and faster resources.
4. Sales performance management will drive the team performance to another level. It’s all synced up.

Everything that you need is available in one place

SalesCloud helps you deliver information in real time. By this one can grow the business at a faster pace as all the information is available anytime anywhere.

Accelerate productivity

Here are some features that you would need every day to deal with all.
1. Your mobiles can turn into your portable sales office. Respond from anywhere and anytime to your hot leads.
2. Make workflows& take approvals for the same. The workflows are easy to work with.
3. The inside sales console will give an idea of how the sales teams work upon. It helps them to build a pipeline and grow their deals faster.
4. Email integration will help to use all the email applications that you know. It will help all to stay productive.
5. Syncing and sharing files is now easier as all is tracked in real time. Find what you’re looking for easily and share it securely and also subscribe for receiving alerts in case of any changes.

Make insightful decisions

From getting insights to actions it’s all about turning the data into actionable insights which one can access from anywhere.
1. The dashboards offer real-time data. To know the analysis, one needs to dig deeper into the reports. Both can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
2. The sales forecasting is fast, easy and accurate which will help to get a real-time view. It will help you stay on the top.

Why should you collaborate with Inspirria?

We come with an experience of more than 13 years in cloud technologies. We have executed 450+ cloud customers globally and have collaborated with innumerable global companies across the industry verticals. Our industry experience, coupled with its cloud-based strategic service offerings will help your business drive operational excellence and improve the ROI. With the help of our data-driven strategic cloud assessments, your company will be able to gain a better business value.
SalesCloud is the next big step to make your company go on a global platform. Take that big step today. We at Inspirria Cloudtech, are here to help you. You can take us as your secured Salesforce partner with a decade plus of experience. We push productivity to its optimum level with some proven solutions that are used by best companies all over the world.

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Friday, December 29, 2017

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