Salesforce Lightning vs. Salesforce Classic: The Complete Guide

Salesforce Classic vs Salesforce lightning

By year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. For Salesforce Classic customers this signifies two aspects. First, companies that embrace innovative functionality and new updates will mark acceleration in enabling personalized and seamless journey mapping while unlocking new opportunities for customers. Second, companies that don’t speed up to new features will struggle to get more from the Salesforce investments and meet customer expectations. How can organizations adapt to this rising customer demand?

Moving from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning makes sense for businesses to reap next level productivity. Salesforce Lightning’s innovative UI enhances user experience enabling sales representatives to work more effectively and close deals faster with fewer clicks. This helps create more opportunities and contacts on the go, making way for improved revenue.

Here are the key aspects of distinction between Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic:

User friendly Design:

Better interface translates into great productivity. Compared to Salesforce Classic, Lightning has a modern, efficient and smart interface. Users can access their account anywhere, anytime from any account. This ensures streamlined process and intuitive workflow. In addition, users can access Lightning mobile features on their desktop and autosave documents without losing critical information. With Lightning, Salesforce has introduced interactive tabs that can show more relevant information with just a click of button. For instance users can create new records and view recent records and recent lists without the need of being redirected.

Smarter views and customized homepage:

Salesforce Lightning, displays information more dynamically with more columns in the dashboard resulting in data driven decision-making. Users have the capability to rapidly view and close sales accounts and customize home page for better understanding of lead, opportunities and overdue tasks. Companies can leverage home page component feature of Salesforce Lightning to bring relevant data users. These components include performance charts, recent record and tops deals. What’s more? These components can be easily moved around and customized.

Improved insight into deals and sales activity:

Improved visibility into sales process helps close sales better and faster. Taking a leap ahead from Salesforce Classic, Lightning comes with Path feature that helps sales reps to visualize their sales activity for a particular customer. With Path users can update key sales process fields at each stage while shifting focus to critical fields. In addition, The Assistant feature in Lightning provides a summarized to-do list based on the user activity. This provides insights and tips into progress of the deals while providing tips on succeeding with deals. For example, The Assistant can provide alerts if there is an open opportunity.

A well-designed, intuitive and tool enabled interface of Salesforce Lightning can equip sales-representatives with right capability to meet sales targets in time. However, business should consider moving to Lightning when there is a business need for it as some features of Salesforce Classic such as AppExchange modules, customizable forecasts, divisions and mass division transfer are missing from Lightning experience. This requires continuously switching back and forth between Lightning and Classic. Leveraging expertise of a leading Salesforce partner can help companies outline goals for transition, map out workflows, prioritize functionality, run a Lightning readiness check as well as train users before the final launch.
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